Phosys web design

Phosys web design

Video Feeds

It is now possible to stream video using Phosys! We’ve incorporated a flash viewer that can play a variety of different formats including mp3, mp4, flv, rtmp, swf, rbs, 3gp and m4v.

Images can be uploaded for each video to be shown either before the video starts or when it finishes. There are a vast array of options available, such as playlists, fullscreen, repetition, and also for setting up the player to your exact requirements and fitting in with your site.

We’ve got a couple of photographers using the video feeds of themselves at work in their sites at the moment, as introductions to prospective new customers. You can view an example at our “Showcase” site – – we’ll get a decent video clip up to replace the youtube video as soon as we can!

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