Phosys web design

Phosys web design

Announcing: Webapp 3.0!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a major update to our web editing software – the webapp.

Here at Phosys we’ve been working hard over the past few months on a major update to our website editor – the software our customers use to update and manage their websites.
We’ve listened to customer feedback and requests and feel we have produced a more intuitive, faster ‘webapp’, incorporating many new features.

We’re planning to launch the latest version of the webapp next week.

Home Page/Dashboard

The first page you see after logging in now alerts you to outstanding payments on your account, messages direct from your designer and general Phosys announcements. Also on this page is our Twitter feed keeping you up to date with all the latest news and useful links.


Easier Editing

  • Easier text editing – We’ve revamped the text editor, making it quicker and easier to access your website copy. We’ve implemented a new version too – the process of making links and dropping in images is much more comprehensive.
  • More manageable images – While the options under this section are much the same changes to the layout should make this section more intuitive.
  • Pick your thumbnails – You can now mark out your thumbnails! Just click a photo and you can redraw the thumbnail for use on album covers and in the proofing area of your website.
  • Set prices per image – The new pricing tabs available under the image management section now allow more control over managing prices. This gives you the ability to change prices on a per-image basis.
  • Album settings – We have now moved all of the album settings under one easy to find tab. Here you can access the basic information for the album e.g. title, description, date etc. Under image settings you can view the images size for an album and edit the watermark and overlay on the album.
  • Pricing data – This new tab allows you to set the pricing data on the album, you can choose a different pricelist to use or edit and existing one for use solely on this album
  • Tools – Some new tools added to the album settings allow you to duplicate the current album and take a screen shot image of the web page.

Faster Loading of Albums

We have totally rewritten the way in which the web app loads your albums. In the past customers who had a large number of customer albums might find the album list slow to load – now the server loads the albums dynamically, greatly reducing all load times for all customers.

Manage your own Watermarks

Previously if you wanted a new watermark adding to your account you had to contact one of the support team to do this for you.

The new watermarks and overlays section lets you choose from a list of default watermarks and overlays or upload your own. You can also set the opacity of the watermark and can changes its style and position – a preview window lets you see how it will look on a variety of different types of photos.


We received a lot of feedback from our customers that they found old price list manager hard to use. We have therefore totally redesigned the layout of this section with an emphasis on simplifying the process.

Two other new features in this section that we feel will make life easier are:


  • Apply to Albums – If you update an old price list you can now find out how many albums that price list is applied to. You can then update those albums with the changes you have made. Easy!
  • Duplicate list – If you have two sets of customers who purchase the same products but have different prices (for example trade and retail) you can now duplicate your price lists. This means that you only need to create the price list for one set of customers, duplicate it and change the prices on the new list. If you have a particularly long price list this can save lots of time.

The new web app also allows you to set and mange prices on an album or even per image basis, giving you far more options on how to manage your pricing and albums.


We’ve rewritten the category management pages to allow you to take complete control over the defaults for new albums on your website. You can now make your own defaults (if you really want to!) via the editor.

A new ‘tools’ section under categories you can now adjust the image quality on a category basis; you can duplicate current categories and you can also delete all albums from a category before a certain date, which is useful for removing old and no-longer needed client albums.


We felt that everything relating to your site and Phosys account should be in one place, so the new checkout section brings the old ‘admin area’ into the web app. Here you can view all the information relating to the checkout, payment and delivery on your site.

  • Your Orders – here you can view all the orders made through your site. You can also save each order as a PDF document to keep or print for your records.
  • Payment Methods – You can now review which payment methods you have on your site.
  • Delivery – The new revamped delivery section not only makes it easier to set different delivery charges you can now create delivery zones for international delivery.
  • Discount system – You can offer discount codes to customers allowing for money off their orders based on a percentage or fixed amount off their order.


The new account section is where you can now update your contact information. Under this section you can also view your invoices for all payments made to Phosys, purchase add-ons and print your invoices.


Search engine optimisation relates to a series of practices and methods which help your achieve higher ranking on search engine. We give you total control over the various ‘SEO’ sections of the site – you can configure ‘site wide’ settings (such as default page descriptions, analytics tracker codes and Meta tags), and page-by-page settings (like specific titles for specific pages).


We have also added a new Help section the web app, where you will be able to send a direct message to the support team. Under this section you will also be able to download our shiny new web app guide to take you through all the changes to the new web app.


The re-launch of the web app is in conjunction with a whole new image for Phosys. We have totally rebuilt our website and we’re also restructuring our web design packages. Our new features and services are due to launch soon – so watch this space!

We hope you enjoy using the new web app – we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement as always.

Happy Editing!

~ The Phosys Team

2 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    WICKED WEB APP…. i liked the old CMS but with the web app its really easy, especially like the fact i can add discounts now. I’m just in the process of adding and shuffling my website around. Good work guys, keep it up!!

    • cybermill says:

      Hi Martin – thanks for your kind words! It’s taken a little time for us to put it all together but we’re extremely pleased with the result and the great feedback we’ve been getting.