Phosys web design

Phosys web design

Dealing with “Page Not Found” Errors

Phosys automatically generates the pages within your site, so in normal use you’ll never see “404 Page Not Found” errors.

However, if you remove a page that is listed in a search engine like Google, visitors would see a “COULD NOT FIND PAGE” error within your site. This also occurs when you move an existing site to us and the page names change.

We’ve now got a couple of new features which are simple to implement:

a) You can set a “System Meta Data” Option called “SETUP_404” to the name of a page within your site such as “DEFAULT”, and then every invalid link will point to that page. So, in this example everyone will be directed to your home page.

b) Set the “SETUP_404” option to the name of a new page – e.g. “MISSING” – Create a new web page within Phosys and set it’s visibility to Hidden or Unavailable. Change the Page Type to “SiteMap” and all missing pages will be directed to a page that lists all the pages, portfolio’s and online albums on your site that are not protected by UserID’s and Passwords! We recommend that you give us a call to set this up for you, as some CSS changes may be needed to make the list look acceptable.

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