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Phosys web design

Blogs and RSS Feeds

New code has been added to the Phosys system site that can aid you with your Blog or help publish an RSS Feed within your web site. The latest items from your Blog or news items of interest to your customers can now be automatically displayed and updated on your site.

There are three ways to display the feed – a simple linked list (like a menu), a page of titles, synopsis and links back to the main story (like a news page) or as a menu with “popup” stories.If you visit you’ll see an example of our “Blog Feed” down the left hand side, under the main menu. This lists the latest items on our blog in a “popup” format. If you hover over the feed, the stories are expanded automatically in the main area of the web site. Clicking on the story takes you to the appropriate place in the Blog. It works with any Blog capable of giving an RSS feed (wordpress, blogger, etc.)

Phosys can now handle other types of feed (RSS, Atom, RDF and OPML for the techies amongst you) and display them on your site. In the example below we are showing a “Photographic News” feed which displays up to date information about Cameras and Lenses.

Phosys RSS Feed

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