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Phosys web design

Brand new image up-loader

This week we have updated the Aurigma image up-loader that your Phosys website uses to upload images.

The new up-loader works in the much the same way as the previous up-loader, however it does look slightly different.

On opening up the new image up-loader you will see the 3 panes as before. The bottom pane may be collapsed, to expand it hover you cursor near the top of the bottom pane until you see the cursor change to the expand symbol. (looks like an up down arrow)  Then click and drag upwards to the desired height. The up-loader will remember where you set this, so you do not have to do this every time.


 You will then see the 3 panes. Top left are the files on your computer.  The images in the selected file are shown top right. At the bottom are the selected image pending to upload.


To add files you can:

  • Drag and drop


  • Select all by checking the check box next to the file name


  • Select the images one by one


Once the images are in the bottom pane you can then choose to order your images by Name, Info, Size, Type, Date Modified or Dimensions, by clicking the relevant button at the top of the bottom pane.



Once you are happy with the order of your files you can press the green upload button.


The images should now appear on the album screen.


If you still experience trouble with the up-loader please check the following:


Make sure you have the latest version

  1. (Mac users) make sure all of your software updates are up to date – if any are needed it may be best to restart your machine after the update. This can be done through the apple icon top left of the desktop if you are on a Mac.
  2. Go to Click the “Do I have Propecia mens health – Java” link under the big red download button. On the next page click the ‘verify’ button. This will check if you have Java. You may see some warning or allow boxes pop up – please click ‘trust’ or ‘allow’. This is many case seems to wake Java up in the browser. Once you have finished this check, go back to the Phosys webapp and try uploading.
  3. When you get to the Phosys uploader check the browser window for any messages or popups. You may see a warning near the top (or a red “no entry” type symbol). If it appears click it – you will be able to ‘unblock’ the Java uploader

Check your Java Preferences

  1. Mac user: Go to Application > Utilities > Java Preferences.

There is a check box at the top of this box which says ‘Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications’. This check box needs to be checked. You should then just need to restart your web browser for the change to take effect. If you do not have Java Preferences in the utilities folder check the Java settings in System Preferences > Java Icon >

  1. PC user: Go to Control Panel > Programs > Java

Click the ‘Java’ tab, then on ‘View’. Check that the ‘Enabled’ box is ticked. You should then just need to restart your web browser for the change to take effect.

Test Java is running on another website

  • Try visiting Click the link in the orange/pink box ‘Test the version of Java your browser is using’. If you can run Java here, return to the webapp and try again – this might have activated the plugin.

If none of the above solves your problem or  you would like help with the above please call support on 01757 249899

Thank you,

Phosys support