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The Phosys Discounts System

We’re pleased to announce a new feature recently added to the Phosys checkout system: order discount codes.

The New Discounts System

The discount codes system will allow you to offer several different types of discounts on your products to your customers.

There are 4 different discount types that you can offer, all activated by your customer entering a code into the checkout:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Buy quantity get quantity Free
  3. Percentage off whole order
  4. Fixed amount off order

You can control how these discounts work in several ways:

  1. You can set an expiry date for the code.
  2. A minimum spend amount can be set.
  3. The code can be set to be only used once by a single customer

You also have the choice to activate and deactivate the codes at will, or delete them when you wish. The discounts (including any free items) are shown in the order emails (customer copy and your copy), packing slips, and order summaries in the order management screens.

How It Works

To activate your discount codes you’ll need to log in to your Account Admin panel via

Discounts are found under ‘Basket Setup’ – once you’re on the Discounts page just choose a type and click ‘Submit’ to set up your first code. Each discount has a code which you give to your customer. Once they’re in your checkout the customer can enter the code to activate their discount. Each code can be used indefinitely or just once, depending on how you set it up.

You can also choose to enter an expiry date, after which the code will no longer work, and a minimum spend to ensure that a customer’s order reaches a certain amount before the code becomes valid.


If you’re interested in using the discounts system on your website please get in touch to ask for more information.


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