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Phosys web design

Phosys Web-app Update

This is an announcement for those Phosys customers who use the web-app (online editor) to update their websites.

On Monday we launched our new web-application which has a host of new features, some upgraded utilities and a new design. The update went smoothly and with minimal disruption to the service. Here’s a run-down of what we’ve added…

Login page

You can keep abreast of Phosys updates and announcements on our Twitter account ( and through the web-app login page, where the latest tweets appear automatically, along with the five most recent blog posts.

Pages & Albums

You can now add captions to your images – just click on the thumbnail to enlarge, enter a caption into the box and click the ‘Set’ button.

Our image uploader has been upgraded. You can now use this to upload media files such as PDF documents. Please make sure you only upload media files to a ‘Bypass’ album (such as ‘Web Graphics’).

You can also add a description to any images uploaded – these are then automatically entered into the caption field.


You can now edit and create price lists using the web-app.

Click the plus symbol to create a new list. Select an existing list to edit it. Please make sure not to edit the layout data options (prefixed with ‘GenericSite or WebPage2010’).

Add new option lines to the list by entering an ID, Description and click ‘Add’. IDs should contain only letters and numbers (no spaces). Price list text should be set to ‘Heading’, priced items should be set to ‘Price’.

Click ‘Set Defaults’ to add prices to your options.

You can reorder a price list by clicking the reorder button next to the list name. You can then click and drag each line into position.


You can use the Category editor to change the default settings for new albums (e.g. to update a default price list or watermark).

Click ‘Edit’ next to the category you wish to change and make your changes. You can click ‘Edit Layout Data’ to change the album layout (e.g. page type, number of thumbnails, slideshow timing etc).

You can now hide old albums to keep your ‘Pages and Albums’ section free from clutter. Just click ‘edit’ next to the relevant category and enter a number into the box underneath ‘Show albums from the last X months’

New Features

We’ve also added a couple of new features to the system. Please contact us if you require more information about these as they may incur extra charges:

  • Sub-album creator – for albums within albums (incurs a setup charge due to alterations to your existing page layouts)
  • Electronic downloads – full resolution digital downloads (incurs a setup charge and monthly charge). Please ask us for our “Question and Answer” document to see if EDL is applicable to you and your business.

If you have any feedback for the new web-app please feel free to post comments on the blog or to email us directly.

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