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Quick Contact Form

We’ve added a quick contact form to the system. This can be placed on any page, and asks your visitors to supply their name, telephone number and email address. All fields must be entered, and the email address is checked for conformity.

An optional message can be added (in both examples below, a discount is being offered) as an incentive for entering their information. When the information is submitted, you recieve an email containing the information, and a thank you message is displayed to the customer. All the different messages can be easily changed.

There are two available formats: Figure 1 shows a “Static” for on the page, and Figure 2 shows the “Dynamic” popup version.

Figure 1.

Quick Contact Static

Figure 2.

Quick Contact Dynamic

2 Responses

  1. The quick contact form looks great, could do with instructions however on how to add it to my site.

  2. Iain Fildes says:

    Please give us a call about implementing all new features. Some like this require minor changes to the CSS for your site which we will add free of charge for you.