Phosys web design

Phosys web design

Cheque Payments and Page Jumps!

This morning we uploaded a minor change to the Checkout system, and a new feature that will become available in your web site.

1. Cheque Payments
This is just a minor change to the text when a customer decides to pay by Cheque. We’ve added the words “N.B. Orders will not be despatched until your cheque has cleared” to the bottom of the payment details screen when they choose this method.

2. Page Jump Menu
We now have a better method of navigating around the pages when you have a lot of images in an album. It has two modes, both of which are illustrated below. Basically, clicking the “Page x of y” link in a Phosys album will display one of two menus, the first (Figure 1) is designed for albums with up to around 20 pages, and the second (Figure 2) one will cope with many more (for people who upload a lot of images, or have a small page size).

We can retrofit this into your existing site very easily – please give us a call.

Jump Menu

One Response

  1. The page jump menu looks like a great feature. Please would you retro fit it into my site (split menu preferred) Many thanks – Graeme Rayner