Phosys web design

Phosys web design

New Happenings!

We’re currently developing lots of new features for Phosys. We now have 5 different fully integrated flash slideshows for displaying portfolio albums and web pages. If you’ve got any idea’s that you’d like to see, add your thoughts below and we’ll see what we can do.

The new basket went live recently, and we’ve had good feedback about it from a lot of customers. We’re going to make a couple of minor changes, including “paging” the orders in the management area (instead of one long list), and being able to mark orders as complete and archive them. We’ve also been asked to put the customers notes on the order email, as not everyone needs to go into the management section of the administration site to deal with an order.

The ability to split an album into different sections will be much simplified – at the moment, you need to create several albums, and then link them together using an album list page. Soon, you’ll be able to split the album using the software, and allow your customers to easily view the different sections on your web site.

Finally, at the GF Smith Roadshow at The National Railway museum in York last week, we were demonstrating the new version of the Phosys Software. This is web based and works on both PC and Macintosh computers. Presently, the new version is only capable of creating albums and uploading images, but we expect most of the Phosys Features to be available before Focus on Imaging 2008.

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